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Organic Honey in Belize

Honey is one of Belize’s best natural products and organic honey can be found in most shelves of local stores and farmer’s market countrywide. Before you head to your rainforest property in Belizebe sure to pick up a bottle.

Honey is a natural product made from bees and they are one of our planet's most important insects. Honeybees collect nectar by visiting millions of flowers near and around Belizereal estate for sale. In Belize farmersproduce and harvest organic honey and many beekeepers became progressively interested in beekeeping as an economic activity and a source of income.
Purchase a belize rainforest property for sale at Better in Belize and become a beekeeper. Bees aren't the only ones with a sweet tooth, as we humans have been using it for both food and medicine since it offers several health benefits such as antioxidants,antibacterial and antifungal properties.View available lots for sale here.
Honey is an inexpensive product that can be used as a natural face wa…

Snorkeling Belize’s Pristine waters

Snorkeling is a prevalentactivitythat many expats and visitors find thrillingand have on their bucket list for Belize. Once you have booked your belize vacation home rental you can look forward to pristine and sparkling clear waters. Belize is the home of the largest Barrier Reef in the entire Northern Hemisphere and is a must visit while staying at your belize luxury rental.

Snorkeling is an activity that is enjoyed by the young and old, eitheras a couple, with friends or the entire family. Ensure to always have an experienced guide when doing any Belize tour. You are in for an amazing experience of a whole new world with hundreds of fish species and a variety of living corals, colorful sea fans, sponges, sea whips, gorgonians, crabs, rays, eels along with cleaner shrimp.Even if you are staying in an off grid living rental in Belize, tours can easily be arranged.
For those whowant to keep their boat ride to a minimum and still dive a spectacular reef you can snorkel off the beach at …

Oregano - Belize

The ancient herb oregano was once used as by the great Maya people many years ago in the rainforest properties in Belize and is now still being used by the Belizean people for its culinary and healing properties. This flowering perennial herb related to the mint family and are seen growing throughout Belize off grid homes.

Oregano prefers a hot, sunny and dry climate thus making Better in Belize Eco-community the perfect place to plant and grow this herb where you can enjoy its balsamic, pungent and zesty aroma. There are two varieties of oregano grown and used in Belize one is a thin small green leafed that is greatly used in culinarians all over the world especially in pizza and spaghetti sauce. The other variety is known as the Mexican oregano, it has large, thick fuzzy edge leafs that are pale green and can be substitute for other herbs and for medical purposes.
Oregano can be grown both outdoors and indoors making it great to plant around the flutterby finca at Better in Belize e…

Bush Medicine in Belize

Living in Belize has its many benefitsespecially if you purchase a rainforestproperty in Belize with all themedicinal plants that would be at your disposal. Our Belize eco-community holds many medicinal plants that can be found countrywide. The locals here call these medicinal plants “bush medicine”. They use various plant roots, flowers, barks, seeds, and leaves to cure common illnesses.

Many Belizeans prefer to try their herbal remedies before visiting any hospital or paying for a consultation with a doctor. If you are looking for Belizereal estatebe sure to inquire what is in your backyard. Some of these can easily be found along the road or in your neighbor’s backyard as well.
Five of the most commonly used medicinal plants in our off-grid property for sale are:
Sorosi– a vine growing plantfound at Better In Belize EcoVillageis boiled and used as a tonic to treat and prevent parasites. It is also used for the treatment of tardy or painful menses.
Jackass Bitters–its name comes from t…

Belize vacation rental

Our Belize vacation rental is no longer a secret!  We will roll the green carpet for you upon arrival and we welcome guests with a smile. Our on-site property managers for our Belize rental will be available throughout your stay to ensure all goes well.

If you have opted for our meal plans prepared fresh daily for you then you are in for a treat. All of our meals are prepared with organic Belizean products. But if you are looking to prepare your own meals then here are our recommendations to ensure you get the most of your belize vacation experience. En route to Better In Belize ask your shuttle or taxi to make a stop at the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market. Saturday is their market day when all the booths are flooded with food vendors and clothing booths along with all fresh produce from all the rural villages. Most farmers bring their fresh produce on this day as they know it has become a popular attraction for tourists visiting Belize.
If you want another stop en route you can also visi…

Belize Vacation Home Rental

There was a time when flights to Belize were few and expensive. Fortunately for all those looking to travel now there are so many options and for less! When you decide to travel and book a Belize Vacation Home Rental planning is so much easier.

Southwest Airlines started daily flights from Hobby International Airport in Houston, Texas direct to Belize. With the increase in popularity of this flight for those coming to vacation in Belize, they have recently inaugurated another direct flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Southwest Airlines known for its dirt cheap airfares has become a premium choice for those flying to look for Belize real estate.
Other airlines operating in Belize include American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines and Avianca connecting Belize with North and South America. Our Belize rainforest living rentals will suit anyone flying in and looking for an adventure with a touch of sustainability. Canadians are not staying behind since Westjet just announced anot…

Delicious Tropical Pineapple

Pineapples are a sticky, sweet and delicious Tropical Fruit that are planted by farmers in theirBelize propertyfarms. They are also known as ananas with a string and soft texture pulp that is very sweet. The outer skin of the pineapple is somewhat shaped like a cone and is very prickly or thorny with spikes.
Pineapples can be cultivated in the backyard of your rainforest property in Belize as it grows from a crown cutting of the fruit. It flowers between 5-10 months and begins fruiting in the following six months. This tangy sweet fruit can be consumed either freshly cut, blended into fresh juice, preserved or used in your cuisine whist preparing a scrumptious meal in your or used to prepare your favorite tropical drink or alcoholic beverage that you can enjoy while relaxing in your Belize off grid homes Pineapple has many nutritional value and purchasing some while living in Belizeeco-lodgeis a brilliant idea as it not only has its nutritional value but is contains some amazing health…

Why Belizeans love Lime

On very hot days a tall cold glass of freshly squeezed lime juice would be the perfect drink to relish on the deck of a lovely Belize vacation home rental.  Limes can be found in abundance can be found in any store or vegetable/fruit stalls at the markets. Lime juice is a refreshing drink that is also sold at most restaurants and food stalls throughout the country.

Limes are small hybrid citrus fruits, the size of a small orange, with skin green in color, flesh white and very acidic. Thus, the reason for its many uses. Having few in the pantry of your Belize rental for vacation is a great idea as you can use it in almost anything and everything from cooking to cleaning. Not only for its juice but also for cleaning chicken instead of vinegar, it can be used to marinatemeats for ceviche, or used as a garnish on the side of your favorite margarita.  
Take a peek in your Belize home rental’s backyard, you might be lucky enough to have a tree bearing fruit. Once you are able to harvest them …

Tomato (Tomayto or Tomahto)

Tomato is considered to be both a fruit and vegetable andare often red in color although green ones are quite popular. It forms a basic part of cuisines acrossBelize and Belize homesfor sale. Tomato plants belong to the annual nightshade plant and grow in bunches and are small,round and often weight around 4ounces. They have soft, pinkish red flesh,numerous seeds and are slightly sweet.
Tomatoe sare used in different foods as it improves the flavor and aroma. It is a must in pasta, pizzas, ketchup, and now in various beverages. They are relatively easy to cultivate and grow very quickly, making them a great food source and can be grown in your rainforest property in Belize. Tomato plants come in varieties and provide unique health benefits. The health benefits of tomatoes include eye care, digestion and it is great for blood circulation,  reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consuming tomato on a daily basis aids in skindifficulties and urinary tract infections too as it impr…

It’s getting Better in Belize

The Beautiful and untouched country of Belize has made its way through winning the number 10 spot on Fodor’s Travel List 2018, making it another reason to purchase a lot and own a pristine Belize property to call home.

Better in Belize gives you that opportunity to become a part of this beautiful jewel of ours which holds “rich history, rewarding explorations and natural beauty as describe on Fodor’s Travel website. This 132-unspoiled rainforest eco community offers great cheap off grid land for sale. You can to choose from an untouched forest lot and commence constructing your own desired home or you have the option of choosing from one of our Belize off grid homes. Fodor offers travel advice throughput the social media make it clear that Belize is indeed a unique country with an abundance of natural beauty and attraction it is indeed the best place for Canadians to retire as well as Americans and any one looking to be part of a country that has a diverse culture and is full of history…

Crunchy Carrots

Carrot is a root vegetable that is usually orange in color due to its high content of carotene and is cultivated on farms some which are listed under Belize rental property for sale.Carrots is a biennial plant with its leaves being the first to grow then the taproot which takes about four months or 120 days to mature.Carrots grow best when planted under the full sun but are tolerant to some shade, their ideal soil type which can be found on off grid living rentals in Belize is loose well, drained, sandy or loamy soil.

This root crop can be eaten either raw in which it only releases 3 percent of it carotene during digestion or cooked in which it releases up to 39percent. Carrots can be chopped and boiled, fried or steamed and cooked in soups and stews. It can also be blended to make chutney or purees to make baby food. Grabbing a few and bringing back to your Belize home rental is ideal as you can bake a delicious carrot cake, make a yummy carrot pudding or a carrot juice.
The nutrients…

Corn or Maize

Corn is the oldest cultivated and edible grain that is grown throughout farms in Belize property which belongs to the grass family. In Spanish corn is known as maize and it has been grown and used for centuries by the Ancient Mayas throughout the entire nation which now Belize rainforest land for sale.

Corn is planted and grown by local farmers and now farmers from the Mennonite community in Spanish lookout where unique Cayo, Belize real estate properties are available. There are various varieties of corn but the most popular ones are yellow and white kernels.  Corn has many uses in its different stages and can be used either in its green and ripe stage or left to mature and dry.  During its green, ripe stage, corn is used to make Belize famous “Dukunu” or Tamalito in Spanish and the juice from grounding is used to make a porridge known as Atole. The corn ears can also be boiled or roasted and eaten with lime and salt or an option of cheese and cream.
Local farmers use dried and ground…

Once upon a time in Belize

As the years have pass many cultural practices in Belize Propertyhave been diminishing especially during the Christmas season. Belizeans use to celebrate Christmas in their own traditional way although they use to follow some habits from abroad like decorating a tree and their Belize Homes with lights. Nonetheless in some areas and in some culture these traditions are still kept alive but not as before.

The Creole culture use to celebrate what is known as the Christmas Bram, thisorigins from Belize District and surrounding villages where almost like the caroling the creole people celebrate through the streets singing, playing music and dancing from unique and beautiful Belize homes to Belize houses spreading the good cheer. Although not celebrated as much it can be seen at the village of Gales Point Manatee who partake in the Christmas Bram every year.
The Garifuna people do what is called the Jankunu Dance which initiated during the Christmas season since it was the only time given to …