Snorkeling Belize’s Pristine waters

Snorkeling is a prevalentactivitythat many expats and visitors find thrillingand have on their bucket list for Belize. Once you have booked your belize vacation home rental you can look forward to pristine and sparkling clear waters. Belize is the home of the largest Barrier Reef in the entire Northern Hemisphere and is a must visit while staying at your belize luxury rental.

Snorkeling is an activity that is enjoyed by the young and old, eitheras a couple, with friends or the entire family. Ensure to always have an experienced guide when doing any Belize tour. You are in for an amazing experience of a whole new world with hundreds of fish species and a variety of living corals, colorful sea fans, sponges, sea whips, gorgonians, crabs, rays, eels along with cleaner shrimp.Even if you are staying in an off grid living rental in Belize, tours can easily be arranged.

For those whowant to keep their boat ride to a minimum and still dive a spectacular reef you can snorkel off the beach at your vacation house rental in Belizeand see what the off shore offers.For the more spontaneous snorkelers whowish to take a full day out in the sea and realy enjoy Belize unspoiled beautyand observe the rich marine lifeanentire boat trip out from shore can be arranged.Night snorkeling trips are also available for an unforgettable nocturnal marine life experience to visionlobsters, eels, octopus and other creatures.Take a day trip from the jungle and explore while staying at your belize rental for vacation.

There are many exciting and popular areas for snorkeling in the beautiful Belize water and just a few hours from any Belize Vacation rentals. Just tomention a few of the most popular sites for snorkeling is the Beautiful and colorful Barrier Reef, Great Blue Hole, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark-Sting Ray Alley, and the Belize Atolls. If you are looking to book a vacation rental in Belize email us at


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