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Cucumber is a fruit

It has become accustomed to think of cucumber as a vegetable but in reality it is not. Cucumber is actually a fruit that belongs to the family cucurbitaceous including melons, zucchini, pumpkins and squash. All these which can be grown on farms listed on Belize real estate rentals.

There is a variety of cucumber that differ in color size and texture of skin, however they are listed under two types which are slicing cucumber and pickling cucumber. The slicing cucumber is grown for consumption in its fresh and raw form. They are usually large in size and have a thick smooth skin. It also varies in color and size depending on the variety of slicing cucumber. The prickly cucumber is mainly grown for processing into pickle. These are small in size, at times thinly skinned and having some tiny white spines. Cucumbers grow in vines in almost any tropical environment making farm lands in Cayo, Belize real estatethe ideal property.
Soothing and cool cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals …

Vacation Home Rentals in Belize

It’s time to start planning your summer vacation as schools will soon be over and visiting one of the best intentional communities in Belize should be in your agenda.  Better in Belize eco community has two of the most unique and awesome vacation house rental in Belize.

This 132 acres of tropical green rainforest haven is not only the home to Belize rentals for vacation but also has some rainforest lots for sale with low property taxes, varied lot selection, and a simple and transparent purchasing process. These lots and their prices can be viewed at the better in Belize website.
The toucan house at better in Belize eco-lodgecomes with five bedroomswhere three of the rooms are located on the upper level of this cabin and two other rooms with separate entrance located at the lower lever. The bathroom for the lower rooms is just a few steps away from the rooms with the bath separated from the vanity.  Special discounts are offered for this lovely Belize vacation rental during special time…

Snorkeling Belize’s Pristine waters

Snorkeling is a prevalentactivitythat many expats and visitors find thrillingand have on their bucket list for Belize. Once you have booked your belize vacation home rental you can look forward to pristine and sparkling clear waters. Belize is the home of the largest Barrier Reef in the entire Northern Hemisphere and is a must visit while staying at your belize luxury rental.

Snorkeling is an activity that is enjoyed by the young and old, eitheras a couple, with friends or the entire family. Ensure to always have an experienced guide when doing any Belize tour. You are in for an amazing experience of a whole new world with hundreds of fish species and a variety of living corals, colorful sea fans, sponges, sea whips, gorgonians, crabs, rays, eels along with cleaner shrimp.Even if you are staying in an off grid living rental in Belize, tours can easily be arranged.
For those whowant to keep their boat ride to a minimum and still dive a spectacular reef you can snorkel off the beach at …

The Apple of Belize – Star Apple

Star Apples are known as apples of Belize to which it is commonly known as Caimito or cainito.  Star apples grow very well in tropical climate making the rainforest properties in Belize the best place to plant a few trees of these scrumptious fruit.

The star apple resembles and feel like a rubber ball and is either purple of greenish brown. The fruit texture is translucent and jelly like with a unique star pattern flesh which is eaten raw when ripe. Just a few minutes away from Belize off grid homes is the local market where these sweet and yummy fruit can be purchased.
Star apple trees are easy to grow in about any soil type in Belize property and they commence producing during the months of February through May. Other than just being a delectable fruit to savior, caimito also has a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which makes it a reason to bring along some to the Belize eco-lodge
Health benefits in star apples is that they are rich in fiber which aids to alleviate c…

Thwartingthe flu while in Belize

Visiting and staying in beautiful vacation home rental in Belize during the winter season is such a wonderful and amazing idea. Nonetheless becoming a victim of the common cold during this time is a bit inevitable as the winter months are the flu season in Belize.

During your stay in Belize propertyyou will notice a series of abrupt climate change going from sunny one day to cold and then to rainy days, these changes in the weather are what people say to cause the flu and its spread. If whilst staying in your cozy vacation home rental in Belize you noticed that you started with the sniffles then a runny nose, it could mean you caught the cold which is followed by coughing, sneezing, sore throat and aches.
In order to prevent the flu, it is recommended to follow proper hygiene and avoid close contact with anyone who are sick. If by chance you happen to be sick then staying in your Belize home rental is ideal as keep your distance from others prevents the spreading your illness.
Other ti…

Bush Medicine in Belize

Living in Belize has its many benefitsespecially if you purchase a rainforestproperty in Belize with all themedicinal plants that would be at your disposal. Our Belize eco-community holds many medicinal plants that can be found countrywide. The locals here call these medicinal plants “bush medicine”. They use various plant roots, flowers, barks, seeds, and leaves to cure common illnesses.

Many Belizeans prefer to try their herbal remedies before visiting any hospital or paying for a consultation with a doctor. If you are looking for Belizereal estatebe sure to inquire what is in your backyard. Some of these can easily be found along the road or in your neighbor’s backyard as well.
Five of the most commonly used medicinal plants in our off-grid property for sale are:
Sorosi– a vine growing plantfound at Better In Belize EcoVillageis boiled and used as a tonic to treat and prevent parasites. It is also used for the treatment of tardy or painful menses.
Jackass Bitters–its name comes from t…

Better in Belize Tropical Mojito

Whilst staying at our Belize vacation rentals, be sure to come prepared to mix your own alcoholic beverages. In Belize most grocery stores carry an assortment of alcoholic beverages and mixtures. Our local rums are very good and we can bet you will be taking some bottles back with you.
Making drinks with fresh and local ingredients is one of the best ways to get a taste of Belize and enjoy on the deck of your Belize home rental. Be sure to check with our property managers to see if we have any mint in the gardens available or grab some at a local farmers market. Mint is quite inexpensive with most sellers selling it by bunches for $0.75 USD.
Below you will find a quick and refreshing recipe for a Pineapple Coconut Mojito. This cool drink is prepared by using a few ingredients and some exotic fruits. You can always inquire along the road to Better In Belizeecovillage there are several farmers who have fruits available, but it varies by seasons.

Lime Wedges, pineapple slices or fresh …

Lemony Lemon Grass

Tropical Belize is home to many rainforest properties for sale that come along with a few shrubs that end up being very useful and beneficiary to the owners. One of these shrubs include the lemon grass plant which is a perennial plant that grows in large clusters of long thin green leaves. This plant resembles the common field or cow grass and it has a pleasing lemony, citrus aroma when crumpled.

There are more than fifty varieties of lemon grass but not all are used for culinary, medicinal or agricultural purposes.Many Belizeans have lemon grass plants growing in their Belize off grid home gardens, apart from just being seen as a decorative plant, lemongrass is also cultivated for its health benefits.
For many years the lemon grass also known as fever grass has been used as a traditional remedy to reduce and alleviate many fever and digestives issues inBelize properties. The grass leaves are pruned and boiled into a tea to alleviate diarrhea and stomach ache in both adults and children…

Belize Vacation Home Rental

There was a time when flights to Belize were few and expensive. Fortunately for all those looking to travel now there are so many options and for less! When you decide to travel and book a Belize Vacation Home Rental planning is so much easier.

Southwest Airlines started daily flights from Hobby International Airport in Houston, Texas direct to Belize. With the increase in popularity of this flight for those coming to vacation in Belize, they have recently inaugurated another direct flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Southwest Airlines known for its dirt cheap airfares has become a premium choice for those flying to look for Belize real estate.
Other airlines operating in Belize include American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines and Avianca connecting Belize with North and South America. Our Belize rainforest living rentals will suit anyone flying in and looking for an adventure with a touch of sustainability. Canadians are not staying behind since Westjet just announced anot…

Holiday rentals at Better in Belize

Belize is a diverse destination which is filled with an abundance of cultural influence and vast amount of green and pristine tropicalrainforest property in Belize. The best and perfect time to stay and explore is during the holiday at Better in Belize eco lodge.
Better in Belize eco-community is 132 acres of tropical paradise located in Western Belize in the beautiful Cayo District. Located at the foothills of the Maya mountains just off the banks of the spectacular Macal River, this ecolodge offers two of the most unique Belize vacation home rentals at incredibleprices you won’t be able to resist.

The Toucan House is one not only a vacation home rental in Belize but also an off-grid cabin for sale. This property is approximately 1.01-acre lot with a beautiful 5-bedroom eco-lodge is set up just like a Bed and Breakfast that offers an all all-day meal plan for guest who wish to have their meals prepared.The toucan home consists of 2 bedrooms on the main floor along with an upper loft be…

Grapefruit in Belize

Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus grown in many properties for sale in Belize. This fruit is known for its sour to semisweet and bitter taste, its name is gotten since the fruits are clustered on the tree similar to that of the grapes.
Grapefruits were the first citrus fruits grown in Belize for export and much of it planting is done on the citrus farms located in the Southern District where vacation homes for rental in Belize are located. Nonetheless the Cayo and Orange Walk Districts also have farms that plant grapefruit trees. Grapefruit are high in fiber and low in calories which is a great fruit plant to add to your collection of citrus plantsat your Belize home rentals. It also has a large number of health benefits that cannot be match by any other fruit in property for sale inBelize. There is of health benefit results either by eating the fruit in its raw state or by drinking its freshly squeezed juice. Speaking of juice, a glass of chilled grapefruit juice prepared in your Beli…

Why Belizeans love Lime

On very hot days a tall cold glass of freshly squeezed lime juice would be the perfect drink to relish on the deck of a lovely Belize vacation home rental.  Limes can be found in abundance can be found in any store or vegetable/fruit stalls at the markets. Lime juice is a refreshing drink that is also sold at most restaurants and food stalls throughout the country.

Limes are small hybrid citrus fruits, the size of a small orange, with skin green in color, flesh white and very acidic. Thus, the reason for its many uses. Having few in the pantry of your Belize rental for vacation is a great idea as you can use it in almost anything and everything from cooking to cleaning. Not only for its juice but also for cleaning chicken instead of vinegar, it can be used to marinatemeats for ceviche, or used as a garnish on the side of your favorite margarita.  
Take a peek in your Belize home rental’s backyard, you might be lucky enough to have a tree bearing fruit. Once you are able to harvest them …

Christmas Ham in Belize

Enjoying your vacation house rental in Belize and celebrating the joy and Christmas cheers with family and friends is the best way to spend the holidays. Family and friends visit each other on during this wonderful celebration and your Belize home rental is no exception. So be prepared and make a feast for your guests.

An easy and delicious platter to prepare and serve in your Belize cabinrentalis the traditional Christmas Ham. All you need are a few ingredients that can be purchased in any store just a few minutes away from Better in Belize eco-community. Our 132-acre tropical rainforest paradise offers two of the best off-grid living rental in Belize.  Both our Toucan House and Treetops are the best place for you and your loved ones to spend quality vacation time during the merriest time of the year.
Ingredients needed are: 1 Ham of desired size 1 Small Pack ofCloves 1/4 cup yellow Mustard
For Glaze: 1 cup Brown Sugar 1/2 tsp Soy Sauce  1 tsp Yellow Mustard  1 tbsp. White Vinegar  1/4 cup Ho…

Tomato (Tomayto or Tomahto)

Tomato is considered to be both a fruit and vegetable andare often red in color although green ones are quite popular. It forms a basic part of cuisines acrossBelize and Belize homesfor sale. Tomato plants belong to the annual nightshade plant and grow in bunches and are small,round and often weight around 4ounces. They have soft, pinkish red flesh,numerous seeds and are slightly sweet.
Tomatoe sare used in different foods as it improves the flavor and aroma. It is a must in pasta, pizzas, ketchup, and now in various beverages. They are relatively easy to cultivate and grow very quickly, making them a great food source and can be grown in your rainforest property in Belize. Tomato plants come in varieties and provide unique health benefits. The health benefits of tomatoes include eye care, digestion and it is great for blood circulation,  reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consuming tomato on a daily basis aids in skindifficulties and urinary tract infections too as it impr…