Bush Medicine in Belize

Living in Belize has its many benefitsespecially if you purchase a rainforestproperty in Belize with all themedicinal plants that would be at your disposal. Our Belize eco-community holds many medicinal plants that can be found countrywide. The locals here call these medicinal plants “bush medicine”. They use various plant roots, flowers, barks, seeds, and leaves to cure common illnesses.

Many Belizeans prefer to try their herbal remedies before visiting any hospital or paying for a consultation with a doctor. If you are looking for Belizereal estate be sure to inquire what is in your backyard. Some of these can easily be found along the road or in your neighbor’s backyard as well.

Five of the most commonly used medicinal plants in our off-grid property for sale are:

Sorosi– a vine growing plantfound at Better In Belize EcoVillageis boiled and used as a tonic to treat and prevent parasites. It is also used for the treatment of tardy or painful menses.

Jackass Bitters–its name comes from the bittertasting leaves which have a very strong anti-parasitic agent. It is boiled as a tea or a wine or also used to wash over wounds and infections.

China Root– the root is boiled for easing muscle cramping, arthritis, colic, gall bladder and gastric ailments. It is widely used by women for easing conditions such as labor pains, menopause symptoms, menstruation pains and bloating.

Piss A Bed–aflowering shrub found in many eco villages in Belize gets its name from helping urinary tract conditions.  The flowers are soaked or atea is made from the leaves to help kidney conditions and liver congestion. The freshly squeezed leaves are applied to skin to cure diseases such as scabies and ringworm.

Contribo- it is popularly used for colds and flu, stomach ache, and indigestion. It may be used as a tea, or it can be soaked in rum and used as bitters.

If you are looking to buy Belize real estate please contact us via email on info@betterinbelize.com or call our Toll Free Number from North America 1-877-836-2756. 


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