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Valentine getaway to Better in Belize

It time for the day that celebrates love like no other, its valentine in beautiful Belize and a romantic getaway to a rainforest property in Belize is such a great idea. The best spots suited just for the occasion is at better in Belize eco-community as it offers two of the coziest love nest for both you, your significant other or the entire family.

Located just at the foot of the Maya mountains sits one of the best Belizeoffgrid homes the “Toucan House”. This 5-bedroom, 2-storey cozyhome is perfect for the entire family. Enjoying the quietness of nature, relaxing and bonding far away from all the hustling and bustling of the town noises. Enjoy your family togetherness in a quiet relaxing night and an entire day showing love and attention to those that bring joy to our life.
Perhaps,it is just you and that special someone then Tree tops is the perfect Belize off grid home for you. It’s a three-bedroom cozy cabin that gives you the pleasure of waking up to sweet melody of chirping birds,…

Cucumber is a fruit

It has become accustomed to think of cucumber as a vegetable but in reality it is not. Cucumber is actually a fruit that belongs to the family cucurbitaceous including melons, zucchini, pumpkins and squash. All these which can be grown on farms listed on Belize real estate rentals.

There is a variety of cucumber that differ in color size and texture of skin, however they are listed under two types which are slicing cucumber and pickling cucumber. The slicing cucumber is grown for consumption in its fresh and raw form. They are usually large in size and have a thick smooth skin. It also varies in color and size depending on the variety of slicing cucumber. The prickly cucumber is mainly grown for processing into pickle. These are small in size, at times thinly skinned and having some tiny white spines. Cucumbers grow in vines in almost any tropical environment making farm lands in Cayo, Belize real estatethe ideal property.
Soothing and cool cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals …

Tropical Papaya

Papaya has been viewed as one of the most beneficialof tropical fruit grown in Belize properties. The tree is small and bushy with a hollow trunk its large leaves are palmate like and its fruit has smoothskin.Papayas are usually picked in a green state and allowed to ripen which at this stage the flesh is sweet and juicy and similar in taste to melons.

Papaya arean excellent  for growing children, pregnant women and nursing mothers and is a great idea to plant a few in any rainforest property in Belize as the tree doesn’t require much space.Papaya is an energy giving food which can boost you up before taking a nature walk around better in Belize eco-lodge.It also has the daily requirements of some essential nutrients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Purchasing a few fresh papayas and taking it back to your off-grid living rentalin Belize is ideal it is recognized for its remarkable medicinal qualities which is aiding in digestiveproblems such asindigestion. However, papayas are …

Belize Bungalows

If you are trying to book a vacation house rental in Belize you will be surprised at how many options you have throughout the country. VRBO and Air BnB are becoming very popular sites for travelers to obtain cheaper rates for groups or deals on rentals. Several people travelling together find that it is easier to get a Belize rental for vacation due to the convenience of everyone staying together and being able to prepare your own meals as most of these rentals come equipped with their own kitchens.

In every district you will find bungalows available for rent. Be sure to do your research before you book any Belize apartments or vacation rentals. When using the above booking sites be sure to book via verified renters and those that have good reviews. Take your time to browse and do not be hasty about booking the first good deal you come across. Always get a quote prior to booking in case of any hidden fees, or trust those that have instant booking as an option as you will be paying eve…

Better in Belize Tropical Mojito

Whilst staying at our Belize vacation rentals, be sure to come prepared to mix your own alcoholic beverages. In Belize most grocery stores carry an assortment of alcoholic beverages and mixtures. Our local rums are very good and we can bet you will be taking some bottles back with you.
Making drinks with fresh and local ingredients is one of the best ways to get a taste of Belize and enjoy on the deck of your Belize home rental. Be sure to check with our property managers to see if we have any mint in the gardens available or grab some at a local farmers market. Mint is quite inexpensive with most sellers selling it by bunches for $0.75 USD.
Below you will find a quick and refreshing recipe for a Pineapple Coconut Mojito. This cool drink is prepared by using a few ingredients and some exotic fruits. You can always inquire along the road to Better In Belizeecovillage there are several farmers who have fruits available, but it varies by seasons.

Lime Wedges, pineapple slices or fresh …

Our Location - Belize

Better in BelizeEcoVillage is located in the beautiful Cayo District and just down its road very close is Benque Viejo del Carmen and San Ignacio. 10.5 Miles and you have all the necessities that you need. You have access to a clinic, veterinarian, police station, library, bank with ATM machine, gas stations, butcher and ice cream. Yes, to ice cream! Along with a farmer’s market you will also find a medley of restaurants and grocery stores.
Many of our owners who have purchased a Belize propertyhave built their homes sourcing supplies from our nearest town. There are several well sorted hardware stores, tile store and supplies stores. If you go further to San Ignacio (45 minutes away), which is one of the fastest growing towns in Belize, you have a host of things to choose from. In San Ignacio you will have a larger selection of everything you need with over 15 restaurants to choose from and five banks (one specializes in USD accounts).

Next, we are only an hour and forty-five minutes …

Honeymoon in Belize

Belize has always been rated as a top destination to vacation, travel and honeymoon. During the high tourist season that starts in November and ends in April you will find that most destinations have been booked out. Destination weddings are becoming ever so popular that people plan their weddings in Belize and then stay for their honeymoon. Belize home rentals are popular to host family that is travelling for such an occasion.

Belize vacation rentalsare an inexpensive way of hosting your guests for your destination wedding. Vacation home rentals in Belize can be found countrywide and many of them will offer their services in regards to meal plans and tours to keep everyone entertained. Belize is equipped with excellent destination wedding planners that take care up to the last detail from the flowers, catering, seating up to the photography.
Destination weddings can be held on the mainland or beach, whichever is to your liking. If you are booking a Belize cabin rental to honeymoon in…

An Orchid or two at Better in Belize

When exploring the rainforest in Belize, you will come across several species of orchids. Many of them hold fragrant and beautiful flowers. What is more enticing is that these orchids can be found in the rainforest at Better in Belize Ecovillage. When purchasing cheapoff grid land for sale you will end up pleasantly surprised on what is available in your own backyard. This tropical climate off grid community isfound at the foot of the MayaMountains of Belize. It is home to 128 lots most of which have already been sold.

Did you know that the National Flower of Belize is an orchid? The Black Orchid or as its scientific nameEncyclia Cochleatum, or also known as the cockleshell or clamshell orchid is Belize’s National Flower. The flower is not actually black but a sort of deep purple and looks like an upside-down lip with a light-yellow color. The Black Orchid is one of the few orchids found in Belizerainforest land for sale that flower all year long.
There are over 20,000 known species …

Going Bananas in Belize

Frequenting farmer’s markets throughout Belize you may have noticed that there is a smaller variety of bananas for sale. These four-inch bananas are very tasty and referred to as apple bananas or monkey bananas as referred to by some locals. They can be found growing in local backyards in almost every Belize property for sale.

Apple bananas are significantly smaller than the typical banana but they are more sweet and tastier. The skin of the apple banana is much thinner than that of the regular banana, its flesh is smoother and firmer. The tree that bears apple bananas is relatively easy to grow. Your local nurseries would have these for sale. Once you have purchased Belize real estate this is an easy tree to plant and maintains and bears very often.
Once you have acquired your property for sale in Belizeand planted some of these trees lookout for new shoots. These shoots can be dug out and replanted and as for the older trees once you have harvested its fruit you can cut them down. Wi…

Skydiving in Belize

If you are going to vacation in Belize and you love the idea of having an adrenalin rush then skydiving is definitely the experience and activity for you. And yes, Belize now offers skydiving so you can now gather up your courage and sense of adventure whilst staying in a vacation home rental in Belize.

This adventurous activity is offered by Skydiving Belize, a company located on Ambergris Caye. This is not for the weak of heart as you get to jump from 10,000 feet into the bright blue below. Here you will enjoy some fabulous views as you drop and spot the Belize Barrier Reef and The Great Blue Hole. An amazing tour to book together with your Belize rental for vacation
We are pretty sure that by the time you do all these amazing tours available in Belize you will be ready to buy Belize real estate. If you are into the island life then Ambergris Caye is one of the best places for Canadians to retireor if you prefer to be inland then we have several rainforest properties for sale as w…

Plastic Bottle Planters

Every year plastic bottles become a bigger problem and Belize is no exception. Whether we like them or not we use them daily somehow, from food to cleaning supplies and even health supplies come in plastic containers. At our rainforest property in Belizewe try to use biodegradable products when available and recycle our plastic bottles.  Finding ways to re-use and reinventing these bottlesat our Belize eco lodgeis quite simple and easy.

An easy DIY project that you can use right in and around your own rainforest home in Belizeis using the bottles as planters.There are ways in making it creative for both you and your family.First idea is a crafty animal planter which can be great for the kids. The instructions for this is to cut 1/3 of the bottom part of a 2-liter bottle, your choice if you want to paint the bottle. Using the top part of the bottle you can cut out animal ears. Then draw a face and other features on the bottle and fill with soil and seedsor if you already have seedlings…

The Great Blue Hole in Belize

If you have a vacation house rental in Belize one of the most interesting and natural placesto visit is our Great Blue Hole. It is located near the center of the Lighthouse Reef just a few kilometers from the mainland.TheBelize Blue holebecame famous in the 1970’s when Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso made its famous investigationand from then it became renowned as a dive attraction.

The Blue Hole is one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world. It measuresabout 125 meters deep and about 300 meters wide making it the world’s largest sea-hole off the coast of Belize. This is a tour you don’t want to miss once you have booked your Belize vacation rental.
This natural attraction has become very popular especially for scuba divers who visit or purchase homes for sale in Belize and take the opportunity to embrace the underwater world and get wowed by its beauty, water clarity and vast species of marine life.The marine life in the blue hole goes from a world of colorful swimming and distinct…

New Bridge in San Ignacio

For years the sister towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, home to Belize real estatehave been joined by a one lane suspension bridge named the Hawksworth Bridge which was built and imported from Middlesbrough, England, in 1949. There is also a wooden bridge further downstream that had been built as a temporary bridge known as the low-lying bridge, but now there is new, larger bridge built across the Macal River that link beautiful Belize homes in Santa Elena and San Ignacio.

On June 29 2012 the contract for the construction of the San Ignacio and Santa Elena new bridge was awarded to Cisco construction keeping in mind that this construction will facilitate themovement of heavy duty vehicles through beautiful Belize houses and Belize homes for sale as the passing of big cement trucks through San Ignacio Town is considered a safety concern.
The new bridge now brings calm to Belize property residence as the traffic congestion that use to occurs in the center of town especially on Saturda…

Delicious mangoes in Belize

Mango is a fruit that grows only in the tropical areas and a tree can be found in just about every Belize homealong the highway in any village or town.Mangoes are juicy fruitthat are related to pistachios and cashews. The ripe fruit varies in size, shape and color and some grow about five inches long depending on its variety. Mangoes are one of the most cultivated fruit in Belize property for sale and the trees can grow up to 100 feet in height again depending on its kind.

Although mangoes are classified as either local or commercial, Belize holds some of the most popular varieties that can be found in any market or supermarket just a few steps away from beautiful homes forsale in Belize.  The most popular local varieties are the Number Eleven, Julie mango, Slipper Mango and Thundershock. The most common commercial varieties that are normally grafted are the Haden, Kent, Keitt, and Tommy Atkins.
There is an annual mango festival hosted in Hopkins near homes for sale in Belize,where two …

Moving to Belize with your Pets

If you are looking to relocate to Belize with your pets then there are certain procedures that have to take place prior to moving. Bringing a pet into the country of Belize falls under live animal importation and is regulated by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA).  Once you have purchased your Belize property and are ready for the move these are the simple steps to take to enjoy some Belize rainforest living.

Better In Belize Eco Village welcomes your pets once they are kept on leashes and properly cared for at all times. Before your move you need to obtain an import permit from BAHA via their website for the most up to date import permit and information.  Ensure you obtain a Veterinary Certificate for Belize issued by a licensed vet in the country of origin within 14 days of entry.
In order for your pet to enjoy the off grid living in Belize ensure you obtain proof of rabies vaccination administered no less than 30 days, and no more than one year prior to arr…

Belize vacation rental

Our Belize vacation rental is no longer a secret!  We will roll the green carpet for you upon arrival and we welcome guests with a smile. Our on-site property managers for our Belize rental will be available throughout your stay to ensure all goes well.

If you have opted for our meal plans prepared fresh daily for you then you are in for a treat. All of our meals are prepared with organic Belizean products. But if you are looking to prepare your own meals then here are our recommendations to ensure you get the most of your belize vacation experience. En route to Better In Belize ask your shuttle or taxi to make a stop at the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market. Saturday is their market day when all the booths are flooded with food vendors and clothing booths along with all fresh produce from all the rural villages. Most farmers bring their fresh produce on this day as they know it has become a popular attraction for tourists visiting Belize.
If you want another stop en route you can also visi…

Belize real estate

Have you ever wondered what it felt like thousands of years ago during Mayan healing ceremonies in Belize? The Garcia sisters can take you back to that experience while you are in search of Belize real estate. They are known for their slate carvings which are in display in art galleries around the world.

You are able to join Maria Garcia for a traditional Maya lunch prior to you engaging in the ancestral healing energies of this famous Mayan spiritual healer. Maya lunches involve traditional dishes such as chaya tamales, pokchuk or pibil. Their home in Belize serves as a base for their ceremonies and entertaining visitors in Mayan culture and traditions.
When you take a tour of Better In Belize Eco Village and view our belize houses we can also arrange for you to participate in one of their Mayan healing ceremonies. You will be taken to the Mayan village of San Antonio located about 10 miles from San Ignacio Town. If you would like to find out more about these tours in Belize contact …

Where to eat in Cayo?

Hungry travellers, east and west of San Ignacio, take heart! You’ll find numerous good restaurants along your route when headed to Better in Belize Eco Village. Proceeding east from San Ignacio, along the George Price Highway (formerly known as the Western Highway) you will drive through a series of quaintly named villages with a lot of belize real estate for saleincluding Santa Elena, Esperanza, Central Farm, Unitedville, Ontario, Teakettle Village, Camelote, Roaring Creek, Cotton Tree and Democracia. In Santa Elena, the Aguada Hotel has its own restaurant with really good food, averaging $12 USD. In Unitedville, on your way to San Ignacio, you will find Casa Sofia. Be sure to stop there for authentic Italian Cuisine at very affordable prices. 

Just outside of San Ignacio, heading west towards the Village of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Ka’ana Resort offers inspired breakfast, lunch and dinner menu choices - with prices reflecting this Belize luxury resort.The caption beside this menu ch…