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Holiday rentals at Better in Belize

Belize is a diverse destination which is filled with an abundance of cultural influence and vast amount of green and pristine tropicalrainforest property in Belize. The best and perfect time to stay and explore is during the holiday at Better in Belize eco lodge.
Better in Belize eco-community is 132 acres of tropical paradise located in Western Belize in the beautiful Cayo District. Located at the foothills of the Maya mountains just off the banks of the spectacular Macal River, this ecolodge offers two of the most unique Belize vacation home rentals at incredibleprices you won’t be able to resist.

The Toucan House is one not only a vacation home rental in Belize but also an off-grid cabin for sale. This property is approximately 1.01-acre lot with a beautiful 5-bedroom eco-lodge is set up just like a Bed and Breakfast that offers an all all-day meal plan for guest who wish to have their meals prepared.The toucan home consists of 2 bedrooms on the main floor along with an upper loft be…

Eco-friendly furniture’s at Hummingbird Furnishings

You have purchased a lovely Belize rainforest house for sale at better in Belize eco-village and are now looking for the perfect furniture’s to adorn and décor your lovely home. Then there is a place to turn to for beautiful eco-friendly furniture’s, known as the Hummingbird Furnishings which is a family owned business and located in the capital town of Belmopan just a couple of minutes away from our lovely Belize ecolodge.
Humming bird furnishing was founded by its owner Mr. Roberto Lopez in 1987 and has since been manufacturing beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture’s perfect to décor beautiful Belize off grid homes.  Mr., Lopez commence fabricating wicker and rattan products in his garage but has now moved to unique blends of wood, bamboo and poly resin furniture’s including kiln dried and treated mahogany for frames ensuring that the products are of the highest quality.

Indoor collection for your rainforest property in Belize include beautiful bedroom pieces, dining room, living roo…

Corn or Maize

Corn is the oldest cultivated and edible grain that is grown throughout farms in Belize property which belongs to the grass family. In Spanish corn is known as maize and it has been grown and used for centuries by the Ancient Mayas throughout the entire nation which now Belize rainforest land for sale.

Corn is planted and grown by local farmers and now farmers from the Mennonite community in Spanish lookout where unique Cayo, Belize real estate properties are available. There are various varieties of corn but the most popular ones are yellow and white kernels.  Corn has many uses in its different stages and can be used either in its green and ripe stage or left to mature and dry.  During its green, ripe stage, corn is used to make Belize famous “Dukunu” or Tamalito in Spanish and the juice from grounding is used to make a porridge known as Atole. The corn ears can also be boiled or roasted and eaten with lime and salt or an option of cheese and cream.
Local farmers use dried and ground…

Organic Gardening in your very ownrainforest property in Belize

Obtaining a rainforest property in Belize not only gives you the bonus to live in a beautiful Belize homefor sale it also gives you the opportunity to grow your own organic crops.

Organic means you won't be using man-made fertilizers or pesticides, but that doesn't mean your plants are left to fend for themselves. There are a variety of all-natural techniques that you can employ right at your Belizehome that will create a healthy, vibrant organic garden or crop.
Before planting your favorite cropsyou must first prepare the ground. In order to get the best results make sure your soil has plenty of humus. You’ll want to mix in compost, leaf and grass clippings and manurewhich can be found in your belize real estate backyard.
Choose plants that will be well adjusted to each spot, in terms of light, moisture, drainage and soil quality. The happier your plants are, the more resistant they'll be to attackers. Consider solving your weed problem without the use of toxic chemicals. D…

Top 10 Reasons to consider buying at Better in Belize

If you are looking to purchase real estate in Belize and have been dreaming of jungle living, then Better In Belize Eco Community is for you! You already know that Better in Belize EcoVillage offers low-impact, off-grid living in a tropical rainforest in the Cayo District of Belize.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to consider buying at Better in Belize:
Affordable Prices:Starting at US$24,000 (subject to change without notice) you can own a lot and build an eco-home in Belize!Diversity and Size of Lots: Average lot size 1/3-acre which is an ample size to enjoy rainforest living in Belize!Lot Selection: Choose from Ridge View, Waterfront, Hill Top, Rainforest, Mayan Circle, Multi-Unit Lots (subject to availability without notice).Home Design and Building Options: We can recommend builders to help you design and build your home or you can build your own.Location Highlights: We’re 10 ½ miles to the shopping and amenities offered in the village of Benque Viejo del Carmen; 45 minutes to the b…


Easter is the single longest public and bank holiday in Belize and the most enjoyable one as locals and visitors alike flock to the beaches and rivers to enjoy the warm tropical weather and cool refreshing waters for which Belize is known and loved. While the weather plays a key role in this four-day holiday, there is a lot more to Easter in Belize. Here are just some of the highlights you can expect while visiting Belize for Easter, but rest assured there is much more happening in this little jewel.
With over 80 percent of Belize’s population being Christian there are numerous events held to celebrate the meaning of Easter. For those visiting for the first time during the Easter weekend, Good Friday is considered one of the most holy days and on this day most, if not all stores, restaurants and businesses around the country are closed for the day. So be sure to stock up on your daily needs on the Thursday before Good Friday. Not many people travel on this day due to traditional and …