Corn or Maize

Corn is the oldest cultivated and edible grain that is grown throughout farms in Belize property which belongs to the grass family. In Spanish corn is known as maize and it has been grown and used for centuries by the Ancient Mayas throughout the entire nation which now Belize rainforest land for sale.

Corn is planted and grown by local farmers and now farmers from the Mennonite community in Spanish lookout where unique Cayo, Belize real estate properties are available. There are various varieties of corn but the most popular ones are yellow and white kernels.  Corn has many uses in its different stages and can be used either in its green and ripe stage or left to mature and dry.  During its green, ripe stage, corn is used to make Belize famous “Dukunu” or Tamalito in Spanish and the juice from grounding is used to make a porridge known as Atole. The corn ears can also be boiled or roasted and eaten with lime and salt or an option of cheese and cream.

Local farmers use dried and ground corn in their Belize homes also for cuisines such as tortilla or bollos and tamales and also for feeding livestock animals.  Planting corn is quite easy in any Belize property for sale as it only takes 5 to 12 days for plants to germinate and head upward into long thick stalks, and before you know it there will be corn to harvest.

Consuming corn in a Belize home is a healthy choice as it has a rich source vitamins and minerals, the high fiber contents helps preventdigestive ailments such as constipation and hemorrhoids, its But that’s not all as it provides protection against some chronic diseases like preventing cancer, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the antioxidants agents also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Not far away from beautiful homes for sale in Belizeis the local market or town where you can purchase corn in its raw state orready for consumption and if you are interested  in beautiful homes for sale in Belize,trust RE/MAX expertise or email for  more information. 

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