Once upon a time in Belize

As the years have pass many cultural practices in Belize Propertyhave been diminishing especially during the Christmas season. Belizeans use to celebrate Christmas in their own traditional way although they use to follow some habits from abroad like decorating a tree and their Belize Homes with lights. Nonetheless in some areas and in some culture these traditions are still kept alive but not as before.

The Creole culture use to celebrate what is known as the Christmas Bram, thisorigins from Belize District and surrounding villages where almost like the caroling the creole people celebrate through the streets singing, playing music and dancing from unique and beautiful Belize homes to Belize houses spreading the good cheer. Although not celebrated as much it can be seen at the village of Gales Point Manatee who partake in the Christmas Bram every year.

The Garifuna people do what is called the Jankunu Dance which initiated during the Christmas season since it was the only time given to slaves to be with their families.  This tradition origins in Dangriga where homes for sale in Belizebeachfront are located. The Jankunu is where dancers dress in white long-sleeved shirts and pants. They then tie a belt made out of shells on around their knees and wear painted pink maskimitating the slave masters.

The Ancient Mayas that roamed the rainforest property in Belize traditionally performed what is known as the deer dance. A group of dancers would dress in colorful costumes and dance away depicting a maiden being kidnapped by a jaguar which is chased by a hunter and his dogs whilst a joker makes fun of them.

The Mestizos living in the Cayo District with unique Belize property for sale and home to the Belize Property center, celebrated the Christmas by performing what is called Las Posadas. It is a nine-day procession of marimba music, candles and fire displays leading to selected Belizehomes wheresing and reenactment of Mary and Joseph requesting for lodging is done after which refreshment are served.

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