Organic Honey in Belize

Honey is one of Belize’s best natural products and organic honey can be found in most shelves of local stores and farmer’s market countrywide. Before you head to your rainforest property in Belizebe sure to pick up a bottle.

Honey is a natural product made from bees and they are one of our planet's most important insects. Honeybees collect nectar by visiting millions of flowers near and around Belizereal estate for sale. In Belize farmersproduce and harvest organic honey and many beekeepers became progressively interested in beekeeping as an economic activity and a source of income.

Purchase a belize rainforest property for sale at Better in Belize and become a beekeeper. Bees aren't the only ones with a sweet tooth, as we humans have been using it for both food and medicine since it offers several health benefits such as antioxidants,antibacterial and antifungal properties.View available lots for sale here.

Honey is an inexpensive product that can be used as a natural face washto cleanse and soften skin, speed up recovery from cuts and burnsand help with digestive issues.If in the rare event that someone comes down with a cold or flu in your Belize property or while vacationing in a belize vacation rental use honey combined with the juice of one lime and drink up.

At our ecovillage, honey is used in food recipesas a natural sweetener and to boost up energy.  For those looking to eat fewer processed foods, honey is a good natural choice tosubstitute for sugar in coffee, tea or in baking.  So if you are looking to sweeten up your life visit us at Better In Belize Eco Village or email us at


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